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Why Yoga?

Yoga is a science originating in India that has been practiced for thousands of years. It consists of ancient theories, observations, and principles about the mind/body connection, which has now been proven by modern science and medicine. Here is a brief list of some of the healing benefits of yoga:

Physiological Benefits of Yoga

  • Blood pressure decreases  
  • Cardiovascular efficiency increases
  • Respiratory efficiency increases
  • Gastrointestinal function normalizes
  • Excretory functions improve
  • Breath-holding time increases
  • Joint range of motion increases
  • Grip strength increases
  • Eye-hand coordination improves
  • Dexterity skills improve
  • Reaction time improves
  • Posture improves
  • Strength and resiliency increase
  • Endurance and energy level increases
  • Weight normalizes
  • Sleep improves
  • Immunity increases
  • Pain decreases
  • Depth perception improves
  • Balance improves
  • Integrated functioning of body parts improves


Psychological Benefits of Yoga

  • Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increases
  • Mood improves and well-being increases
  • Hostility decreases
  • Concentration improves
  • Memory improves
  • Attention improves
  • Learning efficiency improves
  • Anxiety and depression decrease
  • Self-actualization increases
  • Social skills increases
  • Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increases
  • Self-acceptance increases
  • Concentration improves
  • Memory improves
  • Depth perception improves

The human mind is potentially infinite and creative. But in practical reality, it is limited. So a technical know-how is required, through which one can expand his mind to bring about the equilibrium that enables him to control his physical structure, and experience his Infinite Self. - Yogi Bhajan